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Wee Creek Press was launched in 2013 by publisher Debra A. Womack in order to publish a new children’s books through a royalty-paying, traditional publishing process. As publisher and owner for Whiskey Creek Press for over ten years, Debra has extensive experience in the industry and a proven track record. Her team published nearly 2,000 books by 650 different authors representing two dozen different countries during that period. In July 2014, Start Publishing in New York City purchased Whiskey Creek Press, while Debra and her team continue with Wee Creek Press. 

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Children's Picture Books

Our line of children's books includes ebooks and print formats for ages 3-7 with a full range of illustrations. These books provide wonderful value to young children and can start them on the road to literacy while establishing a love of reading and learning. 

To find out more about our line of children's books, feel free to browse our gallery and if you have any questions about submitting your own manuscripts we're always available to talk. All you have to do is call!
Covers of two children's picture books

Middle Grade and Young Adult Books

We also have a wonderful line of middle grade ebooks and print formats designed for ages 8-12. These books also feature illustrations, however they have a much higher word count and specifically target the middle grades age group with the stories written and vocabulary used. 
Two covers of middle grade books
For teens, we offer a young adult line of ebooks and print formats for ages 13-17 with a wide variety of stories and genres to engage a range of youth reading interests. To learn more about our books for older children, give us a call and speak with our friendly and knowledgeable staff today!
Two covers of young adult books

Authors List

Kendal Ashby
Anita Banks
Roxanne Barbour
Michele Wallace Campanelli
Florence Amy Carnelly
Linda and Mike Derkez
Susan Downham
Ian Janssen
Andy Kantar
Christine Leonard
W. Eric Myers
Gary Petras
Susan Downham
Ian Janssen
Andy Kantar
Christine Leonard
W. Eric Myers
Gary Petras
Jaclyn Weist
Karen Wiesner
Charlie Wilcox
Emma Wildes
Rowena Surguy Womack

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